Friday, October 5, 2018


‘Right’ (write) the 'rite' (right) sound! 
Ode to the Spelling Chequer 
Prays the Lord for the spelling chequer

That came with our pea sea!
It’s so easy to ewes, you sea.
Mecca mistake and it puts you rite

 I hope this ode has flipped out all you grammar Nazis out of your minds. What on earth is all that gibberish anyway? OMG! As if life wasn’t complicated enough, that I now have to read a poem full of homonyms.

HO-MO-NYM… Honestly, it doesn’t even sound friendly. It probably brings back distasteful memories from your school days. Remember those horrifying ‘surprise’ spelling/dictation tests in English class that came as more of a 'shock' rather than a 'surprise'. Recall that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realized that the teacher had thrown in a few homonyms to ensure that you would fail the test.

Hmm! Is it “siezeefire or “ceasefire” or is it “last rites” or “last rights”? You are not the only one.  Millions have suffered the same agony. Even well-established authors fumble with this..

Language is simple. The tortuous Roman script we use isn’t. Now, you might say, "why bother when Google has given me spell-check?". This is not an English specific problem, believe me, many other languages have the same problem. If you are a polyglot (i.e. you speak many languages), it’s even worse.

I am sure you must have thought this to yourself. If two or more words have the same pronunciation, why on earth do they have different spellings?

Two main reasons, one sensible and one malevolent:

-          The sensible reason is that until now there hasn’t been an easy to use, consistent script to replace the Roman script. Fortunately, we now have Ekalipi. Ekalipi does a lot more but for the sake of this discussion, think of it as a Roman script on “steroids”. It contains all the letters needed to pronounce 95-99% of the words in any language. 
    Even more important, a word has only one unique Ekalipi spelling (i.e. no more homonyms).

-          The sinister reason is that there are a lot of people who are heavily invested in the status quo. If you are reading this, you are probably one of them. Here’s how the line of reasoning goes “I have suffered through the pain why should I make things easier for the generations to come”.  AND a corollary “Now that I have gone through the pain, I have sufficient mastery over this awful script. I have an advantage over those who don’t. Why give up that advantage”.

I sincerely hope that you fall into the first category.  Let’s make things simple. Strive to make language a friend to all, so that spelling is no longer a nightmare either for us or our children.

“Write as Spoken, Read as Written” OR in Ekalipi “Reed @z S-pokan, Reed @z Ret-tan”.

Let's make the world a “simpler” place. Switch to Ekalipi!

I've always had trubble with letters that double
"Is it one or to S's?" I'd wine
But now, as I've tolled you this chequer is grate
And its hi thyme you got won, like mine.

-Sobia Shadbar 
Ekalipi Training Institute

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‘Right’ (write) the 'rite' (right) sound!   Ode to the Spelling Chequer   Prays the Lord for the spelling chequer That c...